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This week’s lecture was extremely interesting as we learned about copyright.  This is an important issue since it can affect my online presence.  It makes me wonder what information of mine is protected by copyright.  It makes me wonder if the pictures I post on Instagram or other social media websites are my own property.  Therefore knowing how copyright works and how people can get sued for stealing ideas is extremely important.  

Since my work involves me publishing ideas to video games it is very important I know how to protect my own ideas.  It’s very common in the video game world for developers to copy each other.  For example there have been thousands of Fortnite clones after it gained massive popularity in recent years.  This makes me wonder if video games are even protected by copyright.  I know you can’t steal direct art visuals from other games.  For example I could not put Mario from Nintendo’s Mario Bros as the main character to my own video game.  I was wondering if the core gameplay loop of games are protected by copyright.  For example if I create a great racing game with new ways to drive a car would that be protected by copyright?  I learned that copyright for original game mechanics are extremely complicated.  It’s very similar to the course reading this week which was about Tomato recipes.  Just as copyright law does not protect recipes it also does not protect the code that makes up certain mechanics in games.  Therefore for games I plan to create in the future I must either obtain a patent on my code or risk other developers stealing my hard work.  

This also applies to my blog as all the work I have said here comes from experience working in game design in the past years.  If someone was to steal my work here would I be protected.  The quick answer is yes, however it would be extremely hard for me to find any copies of my work since the internet is a vast place.  So how could I get around this?  I could first watermark all my images so those can’t be stolen, that way I can protect all the images I worked very hard to create.  However unfortunately if someone was to steal my written content it would be extremely hard for me to find out.  Luckily though WordPress does  offer copyright protection for written work.  


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