Transmedia Integration

This week I was asked how I could add more transmedia elements to my blog and what my plan would be.  After reading the article Pokemon as Storytelling I was inspired to think of new ways to implement transmedia into my blog.  First I really enjoyed the article about Pokemon since I do believe video games can tell strong stories that can influence and change peoples lives.  It’s the main reason why I got into developing video games in the first place.  Therefore the obvious response to how to incorporate more transmedia into my blog is to make some video games highlighting my content.  This would be similar to how Pokemon works as I would be able to spread ideas through visual gameplay and story elements within my games.  A good example of this is a game called the Stanley Parable where it explores the relationship between  players and video game creators.  This game does this through excellent narrative and gameplay loops similar to Pokemon.  Therefore, I could create something similar and release the game to my audience and connect with them on certain ideas of mine.   

Another option I was considering was to make YouTube videos and incorporate those onto my blog.  This can be where I play a game and show the different design elements throughout the game.  Therefore the readers can see my content and ideas in live action.  I could also livestream this and have live feedback where I answer questions.  I think the main channels I will focus on is making a game of my own similar to the Stanley Parable and possibly doing YouTube videos.  This way I can really show my ideas in unique and interesting ways to my audience.  I will also be able to get live feedback and be able to interact with them

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