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Google analytics is a very important tool for expanding your audience.  This is because it can help you look at the content which is performing the best on your site.  This is done by tracking the amount of views each post gets from visitors.  Therefore making it an invaluable tool for content creators like myself.  However this does make me think of how much my data is being tracked.  The article Digital breadcrumbs: the data trail we leave behind explores this thought very well.  It states that where we go on the internet we leave behind little “breadcrumbs’ of data for advertisers and search engines to use.  Then we will be bombarded with advertisements from recent sites we visited or recent things we searched up.  

This makes me wonder how much data of my visitors  I send out to the world wide web.  For example when a person visits my website how far is google tracking their data.  I also wonder if visitors know that I am tracking their data.  Therefore I should create a private policy which discloses that I am using a cookie software to track their data when they visit my site.  I should also make sure not to bombard them with ads on my site to make sure they are not annoyed.  Google analytics is a very useful tool for content creators, however readers may find it as a breach of privacy.  Therefore I must always disclose this information to my readers and let them know I am doing it so I can create better content for them.  Because if I don’t know what posts are getting the most traction I don’t know what my readers want. 

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Digital breadcrumbs: the data trail we leave behind us

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