Process Post #1

The Stranger Encounter:

This week I was assigned the task to talk to a stranger and see how the interaction differs from an online interaction with a stranger. This task was quite difficult due to the pandemic talking to strangers has become more difficult due to social distancing guidelines we must all follow.  However, I was still able to complete this task by talking to a stranger at a ski trip I went on with my friends.  The interaction I had was very genuine as we talked about different techniques of doing tricks on a snowboard.  I noticed that the conversation felt very genuine and more personal as we talked about our worst falls when attempting the  railings at the terrain park.  I feel as if this was an online encounter I would not have gotten to know the person as well.  I would have also not felt that the conversation was as genuine because a person on the internet can hide behind an online space.  Overall, I enjoyed this task as it was refreshing to talk to someone new especially during these difficult times.

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