Peer Review TkSports and Monetization

This week I was assigned to review the clean sports new website tksports.  I was also asked to come up with ideas of monetization of this website. In order to come up with monetization ideas I first had to check out the content of the website first.  I first headed to the blog section of the website to receive a good understanding of the content presented to readers.  I found this site gives a good insight on the sports world by providing quick and insightful recaps of sport events.  This creates a good reliable new source for users who want to catch up on recent sporting events.  After double checking with Tegapl’s process post “What Audience?” I found that Tegapl was targeting a board viewer base.  This is extremely noticeable in the way Tegapl writes their content as it’s less on the analytical side of sports writing.  This is a good thing because it provides many monetization opportunities for Tk Sports.  

The first opportunity that came to mind was a simple Google adsense implementation on the site.  This would provide ad revenue every time a user goes from page to page.  However, in order to make a stable income from this method Tegapl would need a consistent viewer base.  Tegapl would also need to have good SEO implemented into their website which would allow organic reach and bring in a larger viewer base.  With the broad content that Tegapl has created this could be a good starting point for monetization of their website. However I believe my two other options are much stronger and promote branding.  

My second recommendation for Tegapl is to look into sponsorship with small sporting equipment stores or to join the Amazon Affiliate program.  Sponsorship and Affiliate marketing are among the top grossing business models utilized by brands and with Tegapl’s broad reach I think this would be a great monetization opportunity. Tom Bleymier stated through his article about Maria Popov how good the buisness modle of affitalet marketing really is. Maria stated that she makes revnue off of the books she links out to. This is something Tegapl can replicate with sporting equipment.  Tegapl can provide reviews of different sporting equipment, then they can link that equipment in their page.  Then if readers are interested in the equipment they can go purchase it through either amazon or directly from the company Tegapl is sponsored by.  This can be a great opportunity because readers are already interested in sports and may be wanting to find out about new equipment to improve their own level of play. 

My third recommendation is the one I am the most excited to recommend.  When we had Trevor come in to talk to us he mentioned that we must be creative in the way we monetize our sites.  Therefore, I offer a creative monetization strategy for Tegapl to utilize.  I recommend that Tegapl incorporate a fantasy league option for readers to participate in.  For example readers can enter different leagues based on different sports.  There will be a total cash prize which readers can win, however Tegapl would take a cut of the total prize due to organization of the event.  I think this option would be amazing since most of Tegpal’s audience would be sports fans who want to showcase their knowledge by participating in fantasy leagues.

Overall i believe Tksports has a great opportunity to become very profitable in the future.  There are many options present and it’s up to Tegapl to pick the best ones.  However, with proper branding and good content anything is possible.

Refenfrences: Tom Bleymaier. 2013 “On Advertising”

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