Monetization and SEO

I am a firm believer of SEO and I think every blog needs to incorporate SEO practices into their blog. That is because SEO promotes no monetary growth and it means that readers are actively searching for your content.  Therefore I completely agree with the article by Hollingsworth where he describes the 12 reasons why your business needs SEO.  The main reason I agree with, is that organic search is the primary source of website traffic.  Hollingsworth highlights that google is the most used search engine and that users will trust high ranking websites and businesses.  I completely agree with that statement because branding is extremely important with any type of content creation. This is because most people, including myself only look at the first page of results.  They also tend to ignore the ad boosted websites on the 1st page as well, which means that implementing SEO is even more important.  I think after I implement proper SEO and build a good community I can look at monetization options for my website.

For monetization I was thinking of partnering with another game engine to promote their services.  I have seen this done in the past with other game development forums and I feel it would be a good fit for my website.  I was also thinking of creating my own game and selling it to my audience.  This game could be made with ideas generated from my posts and from reader suggestions.  With these two ideas I feel like I can create a profitable blog. However my first step is to grain credibility and create a brand that represents my content well.   

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