Guest post about Spiderman the Videogame:

Hey it’s your friendly neighborhood Spiderman here and I’m gonna talk about the video game which was made after me! Now this game is just amazing as you take control of a version of me in New York city. You get to fight all of my enemies I have battled in the past such as the Green Goblin and King Pin.  But what really makes this game stand out is how they nailed my movement in the video game.  The level design perfectly shows the free flowing web slinging nature of how I make my way through New York.  Now this is crucial since the game is an open world game and one of the most important things is to have enjoyable free flowing movement.   This allows the player to experience how I exactly fling around and fight bad guys.  It makes going to different missions and helping out the locals from criminals extremely fun. 

Another thing they nailed is this video game is combat.  It’s almost a carbon copy of how I Deal with criminals in New York.  The player can use their web slinging abilities to tie criminals up or shoot web at them. This is awesome and super weird since it almost identically matches me.  Its almost like if someone was recording my every move and put it into a video game.  Well it does let the player truly feel like me and I guess that’s a great thing.  This is due to the amazing level design and details the developers put into this game.  The main takeaway is to try and make your open world games have enjoyable movement and combat.  This will keep the player immersed in the setting.  This is your friendly neighborhood Spider Man signing off.

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