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Fostering a community is extremely important for any content creators.  However, it is especially important for the type of content I am producing.  That is because I want to promote discussion and the flow of ideas between people. Since that is an essential part of game design, and since we want games to bring people together.  However,  in this day there are many internet trolls that exist, and people that want to share hate.  I found the Ted talks video in class to be quite interesting as it showed that some people just spread hate online because they are going through a rough time in their personal lives.  I find that intriguing because as a game developer I want to give those people a space to make friends and escape from some hard times they may be experiencing.  However the article by Time magazine which is about how internet trolls are running the internet does scare me.  

That is because all the information they say is true, and no matter what stage and how bid your audience is as a creator you will receive trolls.  As of now my audience is non existent since my SEO is not done properly.  Once I am able to build up my community I will want to create community guidelines to create a safe space for people to flow ideas.  Therefore, I will create strict community guidelines which will include the following rules, no racism, no putting down others, no threats, no slurs, and just don’t be an asshole.  I think these rules will help weed out the people who are coming into the community just to cause things to burn.  With these rules I think I will be able to create a face space for people to share their games and get feedback on their games from fellow game designers.  This way everyone in the community can improve and we can make truly great experiences for other people to play.  I got these guidelines by looking at other game development discords I have been a part of in the past.  In these discords many people were encouraging and provided constructive feedback as well as positive feedback on people’s work.  This made a productive and encouraging community and I want to replicate that with my future community.  

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