Process Post #2

Setting Up My Blog:

Working with WordPress was amazing as I found the installation and setup process quite simply.  This is due to my previous experience of using website builders such as weebly and wix when I was younger.  The drag and drop features allowed me to quickly design the website I wanted.  However I did have to use the support page while setting up my categories sections.  Other than that the process went quite smoothly and I was able to implement all the features I wanted.  

My rationale while designing my layout and blogpost was to keep everything simple and easy on the eyes.  I don’t want my readers to get distracted with colours therefore I kept a simple but elegant layout which attracts readers to engage with my content. Therefore readers can find a simple way to enjoy my site’s aesthetic as well as enjoy my various posts.  This allowed me to stay Intune with my vision board of an informative and elegant blog about a passion of mine.  I wanted my blog to share my knowledge to aspiring game developers. I feel I was able to create the type of online presence I set out to create.  

Useful Support:

A very interesting post about Colour Theory:

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