Process Post# 7

Process Post#7

Last week I had the pleasure of receiving great feedback from one of my peers.  Overall my reviewer quite enjoyed the design of my website however they did mention for me to make a few changes.  These changes include matching my header font with my logo font and adding a sidebar to make more of an original feel to my website.  I could not have agreed more with these changes so I decided to implement them.  First I matched the header font to the same font as my logo to create a more professional look.  However once I implemented the font change it blended the title into the website not creating the entail “pop” i was going for.  Therefore I decided to scrap that idea.  However, I did keep the sidebar suggestion as I believe it adds originality and quicker navigation of my website.  I have to thank Alyssa for this suggestion as I would have never thought of it myself.  I believe it creates a better looking website overall.  This change will allow users to quickly sort my posts by dates and see the most recent posts on my site.  Overall I think this is a great and addition to my site and makes it less bland.      

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