Process Post # 6

Process Post #6

What audience have I been carteting to?

For content creators the idea of whom they are reaching out to is extremely important.  This is because creators are allowed to curator their content in order to keep their audience more engaged.  This is something I have kept in mind during my journey as a content creator.  The audience I have had in mind while creating this blog was someone who is passionate about video game design.  This has caused me to shift my content into an informative direction.  Therefore I want to help and teach [people about the inner workings of game design and how to get started making video games.  Therefore my content is more “basic,” however it’s still very informative.  This way I am able to give helpful tips to aspiring game developers.  This has impacted the design of my site a lot, since it made me choose a simple design that’s very visually appealing.  I also try to make all my posts very concise and straight to the point in order to quickly get ideas across.  This is because I want people to use my content to get inspiration for their own ideas for games.  Overall, I believe I have created a great space for users to gain insight about video games.    

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