Peer Review #2 Loafs By Lyss

Peer Review # 2 Loafs by Lyss

Design Review:

This week I will be reviewing a very interesting baking website called Loafs by Lyss.  I will be going into the design and layout of this website and how it captures the attention of viewers.  The first thing I notice about the website is the colour scheme.  The white with light pink fits perfectly for Alyssa’s niche as it has a warm feeling to it.  It gives off the perfect sense of a bakery while still playful which works perfectly for what Alyssa is trying to achieve.  However the homepage is one thing I do have a slight issue with.  Loafs by Lyss established a good clean website with the carousel pictures scheme which highlights all the different breads Alyssa has baked.  However Her header does not display her logo as it just displays some text while she displays her logo under the carousel. I feel that this has created lots of unnecessary white space by the logo which with some rearrangement could be fixed.  

I also think the simplistic look suits her niche as it’s an informative blog about baking.  However I feel the background image is a slight distraction from the viewing experience as your eyes wander to the corners of the page.  In regards to font I believe Alyssa has chosen a great font throughout her website.  This font shows a strong informative while relaxed mood that is useful in a fun blog about baking.  I also really liked the fact that Alyssa has linked her Instagram to her website giving it a more community feel.  Overall this is an amazing website aesthetically and content wise.  If you’re into baking you should definitely check it out. 

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