Process Post # 6

Process Post # 5

This week we had a great guest speaker teach us about the aspects of design in the publishing world.  This has been one of my favourite lectures so far since it’s very close to what I do for my job.  I found this week to be very intriguing as we talk about Colour Theory and the ideas of white space and where a reader’s eyes wander when looking at your page.  Colour Theory is a topic I covered in my process post 2 and it’s one of the reasons why I implemented a cooler look to  my website.  The main thing that intrigued me about the guest lecture was the idea of where the reader is looking. 

This is extremely important in the world of publishing since you want to have your readers full attention.  I never really thought about how my eyes drift while reading different news articles or other forms of publication on the internet.  This is something I want to incorporate into my future work especially since writing stories and future blogs have been on my mind for awhile now.  I feel with the information I will learn from this class and future publishing classes I may finally be able to start pursuing those apsripitations.  However for now I must use the ideas of white space and grab the reader’s attention into my own work so I can create a compelling and informative website.  

Interesting Article about Colour Theory:


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