Process Post # 4

Process Post # 4

1 Hour Left On The Online World

This week in class we discussed the idea of what people would do in their last hour of the internet.  I found this very interesting as it made me ponder what I would do with my last hour of the internet.  Many people have relied on the internet for many things such as talking to family and creating social circles, or to have a sense of belonging in different communities.  Some people just use the internet to upload photos to cherish memories while others use it to listen to their favourite artists.  However, I am much different as my job and career stems for the internet and relies on the internet to thrive.  Therefore, having a final hour to decide what to do would be impossible.  But, I have narrowed it down to a single thing I would want to accomplish with my final hour of the internet. 

 I would like to preserve the memories and creations I have made over the internet and download it into an external harddrive.  This is so I can look back and reflect on the work I have done.  This is because my career as a videogame designer would still be able to proceed, however it would be much harder to connect with the fanbase I have created over the years.  The memories we all have created over the years on the internet could be lost forever and it’s important to cherish them.  This way we can all look back and learn on what made those memories so great.  So that’s what I would do with my last hour of the internet, or I would just download as much of Wikipedia I can and copy it into external hard drives and become the next Google.  This way I can make millions helping people around the world learn things or prove their friends wrong in debates.  

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