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Peer Review #1 : Marisa’s Muse

This week I was assigned to review the elegantly crafted website titled Marisa’s Muse.  This website is a showcase of beauty, fashion and health.  Even though I’m not well versed in the subject material I’m excited to dive into the website! 

Layout and Design:

Before I go into the content of this site I want to shed a light on the well crafted layout and design of the site.  First the website is very simply designed and very easy to navigate with quick loading times.  This is essential to keep viewers engaged and not confused while they navigate your site.  I believe Marisa did a good job in this department since I never got lost and it was very easy to access different forms of content.  This site is also really well organized as the blog is split into three categories of health, beauty and fashion.   The colours of light pink and white compliment  the theme of beauty and health very well.  However I do have two small nitpicks with the design of the site.  The first one is the logo of the site. Well I do enjoy the simplistic logo I feel that if Marrisa added a logo of her own it would make her site “pop” more.  It would help give the site its own identity and help readers remember the site.  Branding is an extremely important part of any online presence and I feel that Marisa’s Muse can benefit from it.  The next nitpick would be the small calendar that appears on the side of the website.  I find it cool that you can quickly find posts based on days, however I feel that Marissa should make more use of this unique feature on her site.  I also think Marissa should add a website Icon instead of displaying the WordPress one as it makes her site look more professional.  Overall though the layout and design is really good as it’s well organized and the simple nature makes it easy to navigate. 


Marisa’s content is extremely insightful and well written. It offers a deep dive into the beauty, health and fashion world.  I really enjoyed her most recent blog posts about facemasks.  In this blog post Marissa comments on her challenge of using one face mask a week.  Then she processes to rate her top 5 face masks she has used so far.  I really like how well and organized this post is and the quick bullet points that give information.  This allows a reader to quickly see the main feature of each facemask.  Another post I thoroughly enjoyed was the meme post as I found it extremely relatable.  Since I am also an extreme workaholic, it was cool to read about Marissa’s struggle in this aspect of life as well.  This was highlighted in her second blog which explains the meme and how it affects Marissa’s personal life.  I like how she set a goal for herself at the end of this blog as it makes readers want more and become invested to see if Marissa is able to reach her goal.  Unfortunately there isn’t any posts in the fashion category yet. So I would encourage Marissa to post more in this section as I would love to see her personal take on fashion.  Overall Marissa’s content is well organized and informative.  It also has a personal touch to it that makes readers invested in the content and the author behind the content. 


Overall this is a great read for those who are interested in the topics discussed above.  I would encourage Marissa to focus on branding and creating more of that personal touch she has in her blog post.  I also would be curious to see the YouTube channel she mentioned in her introduction page.  I feel like Marissa could make really engaging content on such a platform and I encourage her to look into it.  

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