Process Post # 3

Process post # 3 Going Dark:

After reading the article written by Craig Mod titled “How I got my attention back.” I was left pondering his concluding statements and ideals.  I was pondering the idea of going offline for a whole month and if I could actually manage not using the internet.  At first I believed I could do these tasks because surfing instagram and youtube does not seem like a necessity to me.  I am not by any means addicted to the internet or my phone.  However, I quickly realized I would definitely fail this task.    

This is mainly due to my work as I use the internet all the time for my job.  I use it to do research on video games and to communicate with my coworkers.  Therefore, I wouldn’t be able to survive without the internet for a month.  My whole career is based on a digital world and if I shut that off I would have no way to create an income for myself.  I would also fail at this task because of how lonely I would become.  Since we are in lockdown due to the pandemic we are not allowed to socialize.  Therefore, I use the internet to communicate with my friends and to pass the time. Overall I think the idea of not using any form of the online world for a month is intriguing.  I find that it could even be beneficial however I feel that too many things rely on the internet which makes the idea of not using the internet unfeasible.   

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