Let’s Set the Mood

In video game design we often want the players to feel a specific way.  This way we can set the mood of each encounter of our games and have players react to those econters.  This makes our game world feel more impactful and can have positive effects on the player.  The best way to set moods in games is to use music and combine it with gameplay.  This is similar to how movies put songs to get us to feel emotions in specific scenes.  

In video game design music is one of the best aspects because it makes your player feel certain emotions.  For example when fighting a boss in the game you might want to put epic instrumentals.  This will make the battle have some weight to it and make the player feel like they are partaking in an epic moment.  Music can also make the player experience emotion.  For example I made a small track for when the player enters a forest for the first time. This forest is very odd and magical and my goal is to make the player intrigued with the surroundings.     

Track composed for this blog as an example.

This small track is supposed to raise intrigue and discovery in the players emotions.  With graphical cues and this track I can entice the need for exploration and make the player want to explore my game.  This creates emotional attachment to your games and creates a valuable experience.  Music can influence how your players feel in your game.  Therefore you have to use it wisely.  If done right you can have the correct emotional responses to parts of your game.  This will make a truly unique and unforgettable experience. 

Singing off Karlo  

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