Its Juice Time


It’s time to talk about juice which is one of the most important things in game design.  You might be asking yourself what is juice?  Juice is a popular beverage among adults and kids, however game juice is how a game feels to play.  Basically it’s the response the player gets from performing an action in a video game.  We call this response juice because it creates a “juicy” satisfying reaction when a player interacts with a mechanic within a game.  Let me explain this juice in more detail.  For example when a player runs across a screen sometimes there are little particles that appear behind them or around them.  Or when you use a spell as a wizard there is blight light that shoots across the screen.  

Particle Effects to show the juice. (image taken from Godot 3 particle Demo)

This is the visual feedback that we game designers call game juice.  This helps the game world feel alive and feel reactive to the players’ decisions they make.  When creating juice for your game you want to make every action the player performs to hold impact.  This impact can be when the player jumps you employ the squish and stretch technique on the player sprite.  Or, this when the player runs you can have some white particles show up behind them to indicate smoke as they run on the ground.  These small effects create an impact when the player interacts with the world.  This makes your game feel more alive and creates a stafying reaction.  However, you do have to be careful to not overdo the game juice you add in.  For example imagine if you added twenty different colours to the particle effects of your player.  This would make the game screen too busy and disorient your players.  Therefore, you have to find the perfect amount of juice to add into your game.  

Overall, game juice is extremely important since it adds flavour and impact to your game.  However too much juice can be too much causing the player to feel disoriented.  Therefore, you must always add juice into your game but make sure there is the perfect amount of juice.  To find the perfect amount you just need to playtest your game and receive feedback since each game requires different amounts of juice in them.  

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