How to Improve at Game Design

How to improve. 

A recent question I have been getting asked a lot is how to improve at game design as a whole.  The simple answer is to create more games.  however , I know that most people want a more methodical approach to getting better so I will provide the steps I took to getting better at game design.  

The First thing I did was to study a lot of popular games and the flow of their levels.  For example I would playthrough a lot of different platforming games that have been popular over the recent years.  I would then document the different aspects of the game and what made them fun.  I would look at the mechanics in the game and how everything flows together.  For example if you looked at Super Mario Bros 64 an older 3d platforming game, quickly you can see why this game is still one of the best 3d platforming games out on the market.  This is because of the great movement system Nintendo created with this game.  Therefore analysis of games can help you understand the core fundamentals of game design.  

I then would suggest making as many mini project games to rapidly improve.  The engine I recommend to start out with is Game maker studio 2 which is a 2d based engine.  The Construct engine is also a quick way to test new ideas as it’s a visual code based software.  By making as many games you can quickly improve your overall game intuition.  Another thing you can do is enter game jams which you can find on  It’s a great way to improve and make friends and play great games. I’m gonna leave you all with those tips as this is how I got better.  Just remember everything takes time, so try and have as much fun and don’t get frustrated if you feel you are stagnating.  

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