How To Start Game Design

How To Start in Video Game Design

For my first post I wanted to shed light on what I think would be the best tools for starting in video game design. In order to start design in video games an induvial must first have knowledge of how a game functions. This could be learning different video game genres and level design. An individual must also know the differences between mechanics and gimmicks when designing games. A mechanic in a video game is when an “action” is preformed such as jumping in Mario. While a gimmick is how Mario grows when he touches a mushroom.

Once mechanics and gimmicks are understood I recommend studying games that are similar to the one you want to create. For example if you were to create a platformer I would study the different level layouts of Super Mario Bros. This will help you gain inspiration and understand the design of certain games that are in the same genre of the one you want to create. This will allow you to get a good idea of what you want to create. I also cant stress this enough but make sure to focus on the fun factor. Make sure to always keep the player in mind when coming up with new mechanics. This will allow you to design a great game lots of people will enjoy playing.

For my final tip would be to choose the right game engine that suits you. My two personal favourite engines are the Unity engine and Game Maker Studio. i find these engines very intuitive and beginner friendly as there are many free videos to help you learn them. That’s all for today so get out there and start making great games.

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