About Me

(This is me when I was testing out the Oculus Quest)

Hello, This Section is about me the person who is in charge of this website!

My name is Karlo Kablar and I’m a fourth year student at Simon Fraser University where I major in Economics and have a minor in Business Administration. I have a huge passion for the design of video games, as I work as a lead game designer at Arytomi Studios inc. I have 5 years of game design experience working as a game design consultant at various studios such as EA and Ketchup Games. I also have 6 years of programming experience and I know many different programming languages such as Java, C# and the GML language. My favourite game engines to use are the Unity engine and Game Maker Studio as I highly recommend both to those who want to start making their own video games. I also have many other interest such as writing and directing films. I also am an avid adventurer who loves the outdoors.

If you want to talk about video games or just wanna talk in general feel free to reach out to me by filling out the contact form in the contact section of the website. I hope you enjoy your stay and learn many things about game design!